This is a small sampling of the people we’ve helped. Our representation saved them from the worst possible outcome.

Leonard M.

Leonard M – future preserved and now a citizen

Leonard was a great young man to work with and we were extremely happy to get both the OVI and the ALS dismissed as he really needed that result. Leonard came to this country as a child and was weeks away from obtaining his citizenship when he was charged with an OVI. A conviction or even a reduction would have had drastic immigration consequences for Leonard.

We got the Administrative License Suspension dismissed at the first court date on a technical error and got the OVI dismissed after a hearing on our Motion to Suppress Evidence. Our review of the discovery and video, which led to a very effective cross-examination of the officer, was critical to achieving this excellent outcome for Leonard.

Michael F.

Mike F –  job threatened, saved by reduction of OVI charge

Mike was a young college graduate just starting his career in engineering. He was stopped for a minor lane violation, was viewed as being a bit argumentative with the officer and according to officer showed all signs of being under the influence.

Prosecutor was very unwilling to consider a negotiated resolution and the matter was set for a contested motion hearing. Prior to the hearing we were able to review the video with the officer and while pointing out some issues we saw we were able to talk to the officer about how devastating the OVI conviction would be on the client’s employment future. We also let the officer know how apologetic the client was about arguing with him on the roadside.

After pointing out possible issues to the officer and getting him supportive of a reduction, the OVI charge was reduced. Mike kept his job and has a very promising future.

Brad K.

Brad K. – high breath test totally discredited

Brad K. was stopped for multiple traffic violations and did not do well on the road side sobriety tests. At the Highway Patrol Station, he registered a very high BAC reading. The prosecutor thought they had Brad dead to rights and wanted significant jail time and a lengthy license suspension. The key to resolving this case to Brad’s satisfaction was a very thorough review of months and months of breath test logs and records.

The prosecutor, who we had beaten before on a breath test case, filed a 24-page motion, based on State v. Vega, trying to prevent us from effectively challenging the breath test results at trial. Although they were well hidden, we found a number of instances where the breath machine, a BAC DataMaster, clearly produced erroneous results. We found that the errors continued even after numerous trips to the factory. However, because the errors were not obvious, the Patrol had seemingly “followed all the rules” ;therefore, under Ohio law, “the machine was in proper working order” because the machine had been used for years without challenge.

After our review of the records we subpoenaed the head of Ohio’s breath test program to come try and explain how a properly working machine could produce clearly erroneous results. The prosecutor gave up trying to defend the machine, the breath test charge was dismissed, and the client obtained a satisfactory result that avoided jail time.

Justin W.

JW – Serious Felony Vehicular Assault reduced to Misdemeanor  OVI with minimum penalties

This twenty-year old young man was alleged to be under the influence and crashed his car, seriously injuring his best friend and passenger. He was facing serious felony charges with the potential for a lengthy prison sentence. The prosecutor alleged that his BAC was double the legal limit, and was pushing hard for felony charges.

However, a thorough review of the case showed that the entire crash investigation, including the roadside field sobriety tests, were recorded on video. However, the prosecutor never received the video and upon further investigation, we learned that the video had been deleted by the Post without ever even giving it to the Prosecutor’s office.

Due to the serious evidentiary concerns about the destruction of the video, we were able to negotiate dropping the case down to a lifetime first OVI, with minimum penalties. This young man served a period of house arrest and was able to successfully keep his job and his future, by avoiding the felony conviction.

John Doe*

In this case, a young man was charged and accused of raping one of his best friends. Due to the very serious allegations against him, he was facing over ten years in prison and a lifetime of being labeled a sexual offender.

Because of the serious consequences and this young man’s steadfast denial of any impropriety, we pulled out all the stops to investigate this case. After exhaustive preparation, we discovered that there was much more to this case than met the eye. Text and other online communication tending to show that this young lady was fabricating and embellishing the allegations due to some family and boyfriend issues, and that she was making her former friend a scapegoat.

This matter proceeded to a trial, where Mr. Huey spent a tense three days fighting these allegations and endeavoring to save this young man from prison. Thankfully, the jury did its job and fairly evaluated the evidence, and the young man was found not guilty.

*Due to the sensitive and personal nature of being falsely accused of a sexual assault, this young man’s name has been changed to protect his reputation.

Matt H.

In this case, a hardworking, out-of-state business executive Matt found himself in some hot water in Columbus. He was in town visiting his son, who was about to graduate from Ohio State. The day before, he had been interacting with his blue-collar steel workers after a shift, and he was target shooting with them on some land behind the factory. Unfortunately, he left his target shooting gun in his vehicle and completely forgot about it.

His troubles were compounded when he was arrested for OVI later the next night and the firearm was found. This led to Matt facing some serious felony gun charges. We strenuously investigated the case, even having Matt sit for a polygraph to prove that he had completely forgotten about the firearm. Due to our vigorous defense and Matt’s sterling record, we were able to get the felony reduced to a misdemeanor and fine only.

Dick M.

We took over this case mid-stream from an attorney who became too ill to continue the case. This was in a very difficult jurisdiction with aggressive prosecutors. We investigated the case and were set for a contested motion hearing when the prosecution decided to dismiss the case, due to a lack of evidence.

In addition, we were able to help Dick with the BMV as well. The BMV had doubled the length of the ALS due to a 10-year-old prior that was also reduced. We were able to demonstrate to the BMV that their records were incorrect, and we persuaded them to cut an entire year off the license suspension, leading Dick to immediately reinstate his license.

Lance W.

Lance was facing a Felony OVI from the most unlucky of circumstances. He was arrested one day after the law changed the lookback period for prior OVI from 6 to 10 years. In addition, his oldest OVI was only 21 days from being 10 years old and outside of the lookback period.  Therefore, if he was arrested just one day earlier or 21 days later, his conduct would have been a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

In addition, upon further review of the case, we found that the search warrant was extremely vague and likely defective. Those two factors allowed us to resolve the case as a misdemeanor, saving Lance’s job and keeping him on his successful path to sobriety.