Ohio Operation Vehicle after Underage Consumption – OVUAC

This charge alleges you were under the age of 21 and you drove or moved a vehicle and, at the time the vehicle was last moved, you had a blood alcohol level of .02 but less than .08, a blood plasma or blood serum level of .03 but less than .096, a breath alcohol level of .02 but less than .08, or a urine alcohol level of .028 but less than .11.

You will be charged under ORC 4511.19(B)(1), ORC 4511.19(B)(2), ORC 4511.19(B)(3) or 4511.19 (B)(4), respectively. In additional to important issues related to the other OVI charges, the prosecution must present proof of your age. See The Evidence Against You.

Note: An OVUAC is an OVI/DUI offense. It is not a “baby DUI” as some lawyers call it. OVUAC counts as a “prior OVI” if charged in the future even though different penalties apply. However, with OVUAC only 4 points are assessed against your driver’s license while an OVI conviction carries 6 points.

The mandatory penalties for OVUAC will increase if you have priors. You will also have to 1) take a remedial driving course; 2) retake driver’s license exam; 3) maintain proof of financial responsibility via a SR 22 bond.


1st OVUAC Penalty Chart

Jail 0 days to 30 days jail
License Suspension 3 months to 2 years
Hard Time period – no driving privileges 60 days
Fine $0 to $250
Take Remedial Driving Course Yes
Retake Driver’s License Exam Yes
Maintain Proof of Financial Responsibility Via SR22 Bond Yes
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