Out-of-State OVI Convictions

If you are an Ohio resident facing DUI charges in another state, or a lawyer representing an Ohio licensee in another state please Contact us before you resolve the case. We want to work with you to try to avoid reciprocal action in Ohio. Ohio will take action upon conviction, yet we make be able to help you avoid an Ohio License Suspension.

Basic details about what Ohio will do with and Out of State DUI Conviction or Administrative Suspension. 

The below information does not apply to those who hold Commercial Driver’s Licenses. If you have a CDL, what may happen to you depends on a lot of factors and you need to obtain Ohio legal counsel as soon as possible.

Ohio BMV Actions on Out of State Implied Consent – Administrative Suspensions

  • Ohio has never taken action if a person is sanctioned administratively under another state’s Implied Consent statute. However, the Ohio Licensee will not be able to get a replacement license or renew his/her license while suspended or not reinstated in another state.

Ohio BMV Actions on DUI, DWI, OWI, OWAI, DWAI and DUI related Out of State convictions

  • We understand that many states have DWI offenses and lesser DWAI or similar offenses. No matter what you call the offense, if it punishes driving or parking after drinking or while under the influence of drugs, the Ohio BMV will almost certainly view it as substantially equivalent to our OVI offense and take action. That determination can be appealed.
  • Typically, the licensee Ohio, will get notice that a six-month license suspension will be imposed even though, in certain situations our statutes authorize a longer suspension; e.g. where there are prior offenses with 10 years.
  • This suspension can be appealed – but better yet, we can often reduce or eliminate the suspension by working with the lawyer handling your DUI case – before it is finalized.
  • If we cannot avoid the suspension, we can normally get driving privileges for work, medical appointments and some family obligations from the appropriate Ohio court.


  • Once the Ohio BMV gets notice of the out-of-state DUI conviction it sends a letter and you will have 21 days from the date the BMV put the letter in the mail to take action.
  • Do not wait for the letter – contact us now.
  • Make sure the BMV has your current address. You can check that and change it online at https://services.dps.ohio.gov/BMVOnlineServices/