Initial OVI Resources

If you contact us about your OVI case – we will get back to your very quickly.

When we talk to you, in order to answer your questions, it helps if we have as much information about the situation as possible. To provide us that information please complete the OVI Client Intake Form as soon as possible.

Click here to access the OVI client intake form

We treat all information that you provide us as covered by the Attorney-Client Privilege.

All our forms can be filled out using a smartphone, IPAD or tablet computer.

As we move forward there are two things we will need pretty quickly; Driving Needs Information and a Short Medical Background Summary.  

You do not need to complete these ASAP but doing so helps you get ahead of the curve.

Click here to access the Driving Needs information form

Click here to access Client Medical Questionnaire

Additional OVI Client Resources.

As discussed in A Plan of Action after we make contact with you we will want to provide you additional materials that will help answer some of your questions, guide you as we go along and advise you how to help us we prepare your defense.

You will access these materials via this Additional Client Resources Portal.

Criminal and Traffic Intake Forms

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, please fill out the below intake form.

Criminal Case Intake Form

If you have been charged with an non-OVI traffic offense, please fill out the form below.

Traffic Case Intake Form

To access more client resources please complete the form below.

Additional Client Resources

Please fill out this form to request additional client resources from the Huey Defense Firm.

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