Ohio Sixth OVI Impaired Offense

The chart below outlines the penalties for a Sixth offense OVI when:

  • You have five prior OVI convictions within 20 years;
  • You did not submit to a chemical test.
  • You did submit a chemical test, but it was under the .08 legal limit.

This offense is known as the OVI Impaired offense. Almost everyone charged with OVI in Ohio is charged with the Impaired offense.

You may also be charged with other offenses in addition to the Impaired offense if:

  • You took chemical test
  • You refused a Chemical test and have a prior OVI conviction within 20 years of the date of this offense.

If any of the above apply to you, after you have reviewed the below chart go back to the previous page and click on the other offense or offenses that may apply to you.

Or download the PDF Chart of all possible Sixth Offense OVI Offense Penalties which can be accessed below this chart.

6th OVI Impaired Offense Penalty Chart

Jail or Prison 60 days in jail or prison, to 30 months in prison**
License Suspension 3 years to lifetime suspension
Hard Time period – no driving privileges 3 years
Fine $1350 to $10,500
Party Plates Mandatory
Interlock on Car (Blow & Go) Mandatory. Or, if drug OVI, at judge’s discretion.
Alcohol Assessment – and Treatment Mandatory
90 Day vehicle immobilization plus vehicle is subject to forfeiture.
Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) mandatory if driving privileges are authorized.
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**Felony Sentencing Notes. Sentencing in felony OVI cases is even more complex than in misdemeanor sentencing. Your maximum sentence can be increased from 1 to 5 years if you had 5 prior offenses in 20 years “Specification.” For more information see Ohio OVI Defense: the Law & Practice.