What would you do if you were stopped by law enforcement after having a drink? Would you know your rights?

Take it from the lawyers you literally wrote the book on DUI Defense. Review the information below to know what to do if you are stopped for a DUI investigation.

Ohio OVI books written by the attorneys at Huey Defense Firm


  • Always be polite, respectful, and rational.
  • Behave like you are being videotaped – because you are.
  • Have your license, registration, and insurance ready – you are required to provide these.
  • You are required to exit your vehicle if asked to do so.
  • Field Sobriety / Agility Tests

– You are not required to participate in these.

– These have been described as “designed for failure.”

  • The Eye Test

– Even with video you can’t verify the result of this test.

– for this reason we advise against participating in the eye test.

Keep your insurance and registration in a document holder, like this one.
document holder from Huey Defense Firm.
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  • Say as little as possible

– You cannot talk your way out of it.

– Remember you are being videotaped.

– Ask to speak to a lawyer.

  • Breath, Blood, Urine Tests

– You can decline these tests (unless they have a warrant.)

– There are legal penalties associated with both taking and refusing this test.

– The advice forms they read to you about chemical testing are confusing, misleading and inaccurate.

  • You have statutory right to call a lawyer.

We advise that you DECLINE any test until you talk to a lawyer

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